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Enhancing Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence [AI]

Artificial intelligence enables marketers to customize marketing campaigns, & in turn enhance their Digital marketing services, depending on user....

Enhancing Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence [AI]
Enhancing Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence [AI]

Artificial Intelligence [AI] Integrated Digital Marketing

The world we live in has been moving towards a future where everything is connected. From the gadgets we use every day to smart homes and electronic appliances, the Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing them all together. IoT is where all the devices communicate with each other through internet connectivity with the help of sensors planted in them. The result is a massive amount of data for the companies with endless possibilities to analyze and use the insights to enhance the customer experience as well as increase customer engagement. Artificial Intelligence can save companies a lot of money and time when implemented correctly. Let us look at five ways companies can implement Artificial Intelligence into their Digital Marketing.

  1. Curated Content

Content creation has been a major focus for companies to keep their customers engaged as well as generate leads. Content curation helps to build a relationship with the customers at a personal level, customers are more engaged as the content is tailored to their preferences. However, creating customized content manually for a large number of customers is practically impossible. Through AI, companies can deliver personalized content to every customer with minimal effort. This content can be in the form of newsletters, personalized emails or advertisements on online social media. Right now, news outlets such as BBC and Washington post use AI for content curation.

  1. AI Chatbots

Gone are the days when a customer representative answers every query. AI-powered chatbots can analyze the request put forth by the customer, identify the intent as well as the urgency of the request, and compose a reply. AI-powered chatbots bring economies of scale and cut considerable costs for the company. Through AI, these chatbots evolve quickly as more and more customer requests are fulfilled by them.

  1. AI and AR

Remember Ironman? Where Tony Stark would superimpose image, text, and audio into the world through technology. That is Augmented Reality (AR). When AR is powered with AI, possibilities are endless. For an E-commerce company, the customers can see how the product will fit into their homes through the simple usage of a mobile camera. The customer can place various sofas into the physical space and judge which suits the best through a future representation shown on their mobile device. This is a simple application of AR, and with AI evolving every day, companies can enhance the customer experience exponentially by integrating AI-powered AR into their apps.

  1. Lead Generation

AI helps you generate more leads from the traffic coming into your existing website. AI excels at analyzing and extracting insights from vast amounts of data. AI then maps these insights with the data from previous leads and thus derives the probability of conversion for each lead. Therefore, you can first target high probabilistic customers. When you combine the right data with the right AI, you can predict customer behaviour with high accuracy. AI integrated software will recommend you top prospects and help you manage your customer priority pipeline. AI also enables you to predict micro-trends within customer behaviour. While all of this can be done manually in one way or the other, AI through automation makes sure your company is using the resources to target the right customers.

  1. User Experience

Ever wonder who decides what you see on Amazon’s homepage? That’s you. Your demography, purchase patterns, search history, and micro trends form the huge data that is analyzed by AI-powered software using which the homepage is customized. This not only enriches the customer experience but also increases the sales conversion for the firm. Thus, AI helps in designing a personalized user experience for a large customer base with minimal effort.


The above-mentioned are only a few of the many ways in which you can integrate AI into your digital marketing strategy. Therefore, if you haven’t integrated AI into your digital marketing strategy, now is the time to take a step forward. In this digital environment, Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Technology means a lot to digital marketing teams. AI marketing solutions offer the best ways to fill the gap between the available data and its execution.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketing?

Artificial intelligence marketing (AI marketing) is defined as one of the best approaches to predicting the customer’s next step for providing a better experience to them. A vast quantity of customer data and significant AI concepts such as Machine Learning (ML) and deep learning techniques are helping digital marketers become more efficient in analyzing their customers’ interests. Accordingly, using the power of big data insights and advanced predictive analytics digital marketing teams can efficiently build a perfect image of their targeted audiences.

Hence, AI marketing boosts digital marketing campaigns like email marketing, content marketing, SEO operations, and finally helps to get Return-on-Investment (RoI). And, an amazing thing is that all the above things will happen automatically with any efforts of your marketing teams. This all happens only when you use AI tools for digital marketing and implement AI marketing strategies.

Why AI is so powerful for digital marketers?

The use of AI in digital marketing operations is very much needed in this 21st century. According to market research, over 45% of completely matured enterprises have already defined AI strategies for their marketing operations. They believe that the usage of AI technology empowers their digital marketing approaches and allows them to remain competitive in this competitive digital world. Artificial intelligence in marketing continues to advance its existing marketing approaches and make every business smarter with advanced AI tools.

What are the major gears of AI marketing?

A few significant elements are making AI marketing more attractive and powerful. Let’s have a brief on them.

  1. Big Data

Big data is a vast concept of data collection from various sources. It is an effective component for doing digital marketing campaigns. Big data helps digital marketers segment complex data sets, and send personalized content to customers at the right time through a selected communication channel.

  1. Machine Learning

Machine learning methods help digital marketers to derive valuable insights from this massive quantity of big data. ML tools in digital marketing help to identify market trends, predict demand and provide customer-oriented services. Hence, ML tools and algorithms in AI marketing allow marketers to perform revenue-worthy operations.

  1. Emotional AI

Technology is advancing ever like before. AI-based solutions for digital marketing can interpret customer emotions and communicate accordingly. It’s a wonderful thing that happens using emotion AI technology.

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How AI will Impact Your Digital Marketing?

We have explained in many of our blogs that Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing many industries, including marketing. Ranging from baking and finance, and healthcare to retail, manufacturing, and travel, AI is changing the way of doing their business.

Various AI concepts such as text-to-speech recognition, natural language processing, and voice recognition technologies are all enabling machines to perform human-like tasks with more intelligence.

Impact of AI On Digital Marketing

So, how is artificial intelligence the way of digital marketing?

  • AI can transform the way of business and customer interaction

  • Increase operational excellence and optimize the user experience

  • AI offers continuous customer services with the use of AI chatbots

  • AI in digital marketing sends personalized content to users based on their search

  • Artificial intelligence in marketing helps marketers to segment their targeted audience based on their interests

  • Streamlines communication channel with a live chat customer service

  • Finally, helps brands in cutting costs and increasing revenues

Benefits of Using AI in Digital Marketing

Now, in this section, we’ll have a brief discussion on how can AI help marketing teams. AI marketing is becoming popular day by day with the visions it provides to digital marketers. Let’s look at a few core benefits of using AI for your digital marketing purpose.

  1. Advanced and Intelligent Search

Are you a digital marketer?

If yes, you should remember that not only emerging technology solutions becoming smarter but also the customers too. Nowadays, customers are smarter. They prefer fast and quick response platforms and search engines.

Artificial intelligence and big data solutions can analyze the user search patterns and help digital marketers for identifying key areas where they need to put their efforts.

  1. Smart Advertising Strategies

However, digital marketers have started their efforts to publish smart ads across various social media platforms where the targeted audience spends their time.

What is Artificial intelligence in advertising?

Artificial intelligence in advertising helps marketing teams to better use their keywords to target their customers quickly. The AI strategy and solutions for marketing allow digital marketers to efficiently engage customers and boost revenues.

  1. Automates Every Marketing Process

Marketing automation using AI is like fueling traditional marketing businesses with more and more emerging technologies. Every manual digital marketing task will be automated using artificial intelligence technology.

  1. Personalized and Superior Content Delivery

Using AI tools, digital marketers can make use of data and target the right audience at the right time. Artificial intelligence tools and solutions in digital marketing allows marketing teams to find potential buyers and send more personalized content that meets their needs.

  1. Evolving AI Chatbot Services

Customer retention was a challenging task for digital marketers. With the use of AI-powered customer service Chatbots, marketers can retain their customers efficiently. However, over 50% of online marketing companies are depending on customer service bots to increase lead conversion rates.

  1. Lead Management and Nurture

Artificial intelligence greatly helps digital marketing teams Lead Management and Lead Nurture smartly. New Business Systems has a strong knowledge of using artificial intelligence technology and delivering AI solutions for improving your digital marketing operations.

  1. Find Opportunities and Trends

Digital marketers should adopt AI technology to find the most attractive business growth opportunities for brand expansion. Innovative AI tools can scan a vast quantity of data to derive and analyze current market trends. This will help marketers to forecast to build strategies that help to find new ideas for running innovative marketing campaigns.

  1. Integration of technology and marketing teams

A combination of AI technology and your customer service team gives unbelievable marketing benefits to your business. Market analysis, customer demands, and quick response everything is possible by integrating AI into your customer service teams.

  1. Conversational AI

The advantages of implementing conversational AI tools in marketing are wonderful. They can provide personalized experiences to your customers, and add value to your brand beyond sales. Hence, conversational AI is one of the best approaches that help you build strong relationships with your customers.

  1. Generate More Revenues

One of the best use of Artificial intelligence in marketing is analyzing the competitors' move to witness strong sales and thus huge revenues. In addition, AI helps marketers to find patterns that are likely to impact badly in the future marketing business.

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