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Digital Jobs: How to Earn Money Online?

Digital Jobs refer to the works in which a person perms the skills digitally and earns a decent amount of money through digital media.

Digital Jobs Earn Money Online
Digital Jobs Earn Money Online

Digital Jobs in Nepal

Digital Jobs refer to the works in which a person perms the skills digitally and earns a decent amount of money online through digital media. Anyone can earn a good amount of money online all over the world involving them in digital jobs. Here I have included some of the best digital jobs and ways through which a person can earn more amount of money per day as a part-time job. These are some fantastic ways, which are used by millions of people, so, you can do it too. Without wasting much time, we are going to learn 100 ways to earn money online. Those works may be easier or can be hard that can be different on your knowledge, interests, experience, and hard work. These are the ways to earn money without investment in Nepal.


This is the most popular but hardworking job done by thousands of people in Nepal as a profession. I guaranteed that they are earning a good amount of money through this. Blogging is a platform where people can share their information, and knowledge with each other. Blogs can be of different types; i.e. entertainment blogs, education blogs like mine, games blogs, etc. It depends upon your interest, knowledge, and passion. Blogging will generate a lot of money, but you need to be regular in your work with your full interest. There are many bloggers who are earning more than thousands of dollars per day through their blogs. It is a really awesome platform I recommend you to choose. This can help you to earn more in Nepal if you choose this as a profession because there is very less competition in Nepal.Some Popular Bloggers of Nepal.


There is little difference between blogging and vlogging. Blogging means creating websites and writing a post, and sharing information in the form of articles. Similarly, Vlogging means sharing information, and knowledge, or providing entertainment to visitors in the form of Videos. In simple language, Join on YouTube. Joining YouTube in 2019 is not easy to get many subscribers. Millions of channels have been created and created. So, it is much harder but you know Success is behind the passion. Anything can happen. It is a good source to earn money and get popular. Earning may be more through this. You can simply earn due to no more Nepali content creators. Use these ideas to earn money in Nepal.

Affiliate Marketing

It is an easy job. You just need to share their product and if someone buys it, you will get some money for it. There is a lot of company like Amazon and others which provide affiliate marketing facilities which are mostly used by bloggers to increase their revenue. It needs good followers on YouTube or Twitter or Any Social Network. If you had, you are very lucky. You are going to earn much more money. Each product sold will give you some cash just by sharing their product link.


This is quite a popular way through you can earn whenever or however you want. You can have a job here according to your wish; there is a job for writers, teachers, students, etc. In this job, you can work according to your wish but the task given to you should be completed in time and nicely. They should be satisfied with your work. If you work for  1-2 years, you will not need to work harder, I mean you will be in recommend if you had done your job perfectly and has more SCORE

Online Courses

If you are qualified in your job and want to teach others or want to earn from home then it's really a good source. You can be a teacher and can get connected to some online website or an organization and you can provide your knowledge to students via online courses. Teaching may be hard but it is an effective way. You will just need to teach about certain topics.

Typing Job in Nepal

Earn money in Nepal through typing. If you are good at typing and want to earn just copy typing then you can earn monthly more than 20,000+ according to work hours. There is much Non-governmental organization that are providing these services. You will first need to pay the Entree fee then they will provide their software with your ID code. Guarantee, you can earn from wherever just seeing the copy which they provide an image. We can really earn more than 50K  per month through typing in Nepal.

Earn Chatting with Customers

This requires good skills in the English Language. There are a lot of websites online which required people for chatting with their customers and providing them with information related to the problem. This work is quite a responsible job. You must have good knowledge about the information which is asked by the Customers.

Become Home Writer

We know the students of small age (13-18). They are very much attracted to mobile phones today. They need a mobile phone to search for articles, essays, and poems on google. They knew about plagiarism but they do. But some smart students or even adult people sometimes asked with a freelancer to write an article, stories, or poems on certain topics. The minimum payment is $4. So, you can start as a freelancer as I have mentioned above. You can be a part-time writer. In the context of Nepal, $4 means more than Rs.450. Just write articles and earn.

Software Related Jobs

If you're ready to take the next step in your career and challenge yourself with new responsibilities, it might be time to seek promotional opportunities. There are a variety of IT jobs that offer elevated employment opportunities. By taking the time to do more research, you can decide which jobs fit your qualifications, experience and interests.

App Design

If you are a programmer then it's a good way to earn. You can connect with some people who required an app. Just you will need to design the app they want and you will be paid with dollars. This is quite good but your work should be satisfied with the customers.

Website Designing

If you have learned a designing language like CSS but don't want to run your own websites then you can just earn money selling your theme to people. If your template is awesome then you are really gonna earn a lot. For ex: If you have created one template and it's the price is $50. If just 1 person will buy then it's great earning for you. If customers increase you will earn a lot. 

Software Selling

If you are a programmer then I recommend you to work in a Good company. But it's ok to work online. You may have created software if you are a programmer. You can sell this online with the help of many websites like Fiverr, or you can have your own website. It will make you rich. The price of software is too high. Once your software got popular then no one can stop you to make a million-dollar with your software. If you want, then start from today.

Online Investment

If you have some money and wanted to make it double then online investment in a  trusted company or a bank.  It really increases money. There is no risk. You can invest your money in starting a business too. In business, there is a risk but we should do it, it's a great way to increase your products and sales. It will make a lot of profit. Just invest money in the right area, on trusted people or companies.

Start E-commerce Sites

You can start your E-commerce websites where you can promote your products, and increase online marketing. This is one of the best ideas to increase customers in this century. Every people are connected to the internet. Hence, it is the best medium to promote your products and engage more customers and will earn a lot.

Build App

If you are a programmer then create an android app. That Android app should be good. It can be of many categories. Just create and put that into the play store. It is the best way to earn a lot. If you have a website then promote your app for extra customers or start showing your app ads if it appears awesome. After that, connect your app with Google Adsense or other ADS serving the website and earn.

Answer The Forum Question

You can also work in the Google support forum or any popular website support forum where you need to give a suggestion or an idea to the people who are facing a problem. This is a really good job. It will provide you with more than $600-$700 per month which is quite good earning in Nepal. 

Earn Playing Games Online

Now, you can earn a lot of money just by playing the game online. A website like InboxDollar provides money for playing games online. This is really a good platform for students who don't have more skills. They can start playing or they can have the surveys to earn money. The game streaming and the prolonged engagement in online gaming give you chances to earn money. 

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