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Exercise of 'A Devoted Son' Story

Exercise of the story 'A devoted Son' presents the question answer of story with understanding the text & referencing the context.
Exercise of 'A Devoted Son' [Grade - 12  NEB]

Exercise of The Story A Devoted Son

Exercise of A Devoted Son

a. Will you be ready to sacrifice your career, status, and economic opportunities for the good of your parents? Why or why not?

Answer:-Yes, I will be ready to sacrifice my career, status, and economic opportunities for the good of my parents because they are similar to Gods to me who have provided me with a chance to see this beautiful planet.

b. In your view, what are the qualities of a devoted son/daughter?

Answer:-In my view, the following are the qualities of a devoted son/ daughter:

  1. He/She must be sincere towards his/her parents.

  2. He/She must be lovable and caring towards his/her parents. 

  3. He/She must support his/her parents in every essential need.

  4. He/She must have a respectful attitude towards his/her parents. 

  5. He/She must be obedient and follow his/her parents' guidance.

Understanding The Text

Answer the following questions

a. How did the morning papers bring an ambience of celebration in the Varma family? 


b. How did the community celebrate Rakesh’s success? 


c. Why was Rakesh’s success a special matter of discussion in the neighbourhood? 


d. How does the author make fun with the words ‘America’ and ‘the USA’? 


e. How does the author characterize Rakesh’s wife? 


f. Describe how Rakesh rises in his career. 


g. How does the author describe Rakesh’s family background?


h. What is the impact of Rakesh’s mother’s death on his father? 


i. What did Rakesh do to make his father’s old age more comfortable? 


j. Why did the old man try to bribe his grandchildren?


k. Are Mr Varma's complaints about his diet reasonable? How?


Reference to Context

a. How did the Varma couple make sacrifices for their son's higher education?

Answer:-Varma couple made sacrifices for their son's higher education by doing hard labour in their entire lifetime. They had a lifelong dream about their son's education. To achieve their dream, Varma had worked hard for forty years in a kerosene depot whereas his wife had devoted herself honestly to household tasks.

Mr. Varma had never stepped inside the school in his life. As the son of a vegetable vendor, he didn't get a chance for his studies. But he desired quality education for his son Rakesh. He became able to accomplish his goal and turned his dream into reality. His son Rakesh was the first son of the family to receive higher education. Varma and his wife finally got the fruits of their sacrifices. The achievement which they got was quite golden and glorious.

b. Mr. Varma suffers from diseases one after another after his wife's death. Would he have enjoyed better health if she had not died before him? Give reasons.

Answer:-Yes,  he would have enjoyed better health if his wife had not died before him. Mr. Varma suffered from illness mysteriously and fell ill frequently. His body started reacting badly after the death of his wife. Rakesh even didn't get a proper idea behind his father's frequent illness. Varma was quite good while his wife was alive. He seemed so happy and satisfied in his mentality. But after his wife's death, he found himself alone and suffered from depression. He started doing unusual activities. He felt broken into pieces. 

Due to his health hazards, he was prohibited to eat his preferred foodstuffs. He reacted even more badly after that. He supposed himself as if he was disliked and ignored. At last, he preferred dying rather than taking medicines.

c. Dr. Rakesh found himself divided between a doctor and a son. As a son, he loves his father and worries about his weakening health, but as a doctor, he is strict about his father’s diet and medicine. In your view, what else could Rakesh have done to make his father’s final years more comfortable?

Answer:-In my view, Rakesh could have done the following things to make his father's final year more comfortable:

1. He could have treated his father more friendly instead of shouting at him.

2. He could have tried to understand his father's feelings instead of becoming tense about his health.

3. He could have tried to make his father happy all the time instead of being strict.

4. He could have provided his father with mental support.

5. He could have brought a bit of change within himself instead of changing his father.

d. What does the story say about the relationship between grandfather and grandchildren?

Answer:- In most families, we find bond relationships between grandparents and grandchildren. This story has also presented a fine relationship between grandfather and grandchildren. Varma has his small friends in the house who are his grandchildren. He feels mentally sad due to Rakesh's activities. For him, his grandchildren are his best friends with whom he plays and passes his lonely time.

The act of banning his desirable foodstuffs by Rakesh makes him do a bad deed in the house. He starts trying to fulfil his demands through his little grandchild. He starts providing bribes to his grandchild to get jalebis for him. The act of Varma is not good at all. Here, we find him seeking benefits from an innocent child who doesn't know the meaning of bribe. Grandparents must be good teachers for their grandchildren. But Varma is seen doing just the opposite of this. He is seen teaching his grandchild a bad deed.

e. Do you call Rakesh a devoted son? Give reasons.


Reference Beyond the Text 

a. Write an essay on The Parents’ Ambition for their Children in Nepali Society. You must give at least five examples. 

b. Medicines replace our diets in old age. What can be done to make old ageless dependent on medicine? 

Answer:-Old age refers to a part of life that comes after the prime age. It is the final stage of human life. This age is considered the age of weakness and illness. This age depends on varieties of medicinal support. At this age, old people suffer a lot because of various health-related problems. Medicines replace diets in old age and the body starts reacting differently. Due to the usage of varieties of medicines, the body becomes so weak and provides pain in life.

Following are some of the tips with the help of which we can make our old ageless dependent on the medicine.

1. Avoiding unhealthy foodstuffs.

2. Sufficient usage of healthy foodstuffs.

3. Fine management in drinking pure water.

4. Avoiding mental stress.

5. Concentrating on daily physical activities.

6. Trying to adopt a hygienic living style.

c. Write an essay on “Care of Elderly Citizens” in about 300 words. 

Answer: -

Care of Elderly Citizens 

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