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Nepali Society: Past Present and Future

By society, we mean a long-standing group of people sharing cultural aspects such as language, dress, norms of behaviour and artistic forms. Nepali so

The Nepali Society: Past, Present and Future 

By society, we mean a long-standing group of people sharing cultural aspects such as language, dress, norms of behaviour and artistic forms. Nepali society has a mixed culture. Even though different cultures live together, cultural practices are often mixed and one cultural group can be seen practising the traditions of another. People are free to choose their own cultural practices and no one is forced to follow any particular pattern. As a Nepali citizen, I like Nepali society much. I have seen as well as read about Nepali society and its change. 

Over time, many changes have been seen in the context of Nepali society. The condition of Nepali society wasn't good in the past time. Nepali society was so rigid in the past time. Most people were uneducated and there was a lack of awareness among the people. Patriarchal norms and values were at their height. Class, as well as sex subjection, had played a vital role in every society. 

The concept of Feudalism was prevalent everywhere. Ordinary people had to face miserable life under the feudalists. They were quite a way from the concept of rights and opportunities of lives. Life was so difficult for most of the peasants. There was a lack of facilities in people's lives. In most societies, there were feudalists or lords who used to determine others fate. Talking about women's lives during that time, women had very bad conditions. They were living being dependent on males. The patriarchal norms and values had made them remain limited within the boundaries of their houses. Child marriage was so common. Life in the past was really not favourable for ordinary people including women. In the present time, different changes are seen in various sectors of Nepal. 

Nepali societies seem quite different from that of past Nepalese societies. In the present, Nepali society is on the way to development. In the matter of facilities as electricity, drinking water, roads and transportation, education etc, Nepali society has been changed. People in the present time have various rights regarding various things. If there is one thing that upsets me about Nepali society is the political aspect. People in the present time are totally involved in the dirty game of politics. Due to this, Nepali society is facing disorders every single day. At present, the condition of Nepali women is much better than expected. 

Over time, Nepali women have got many rights according to the constitution of Nepal. I think the future of Nepali society will be so good if we all Nepali citizens choose the right candidates for the betterment of Nepalese society. We should be away from this dirty game of politics and think about the bright future of Nepali people and society. 

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